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Browning Black Magic CFX Feeder Rod-Feeder Rod-Browning-M) L 3.60m - 12' (C.W 40-80g/4 -10lb)-Irish Bait & Tackle

Browning Black Magic CFX Feeder Rod

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CFX is Browning's latest rod series, bearing the famous name Black Magic®. The new high-modulus carbon fiber blanks are incredibly slim, but also robust and durable to perform their service reliably for many years. These rods do much more than their price suggests and are real "all-rounders". The range includes pose, feeder and bomb rods. The CFX Method Rod is specifically designed to provide additional power when ejecting heavily weighted Method feeders. It is ideal for larger feeders and larger fish, but can also be used as a "spiced up" bomb rod and even for small but heavily flowing rivers. Comes with two extra tips